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68 Camaro

" Nick was patient with my constant messaging and enquiries, he sent me vids, pics, handed over all the paperwork, deposit handed over in trust. He never complained about my constant checks. On pick up i realised his commitment to be ethical. He never exaggerated, car was so much better than he explained it, surely one of best in the country. Money handed over easily with a massive smile. Ethics count a lot in car sales, its our dream cars "

MC Customs
Mick G

Jeff N

" Good selection of muscle cars, classic cruisers, and pickups. Met the owner Mick today and he was very approachable and knowledgeable. Great location and finally a car yard that caters for motor enthusiasts "

Jeff N

1956 Chevy

" Well what can I say, Joe bought me a 56 Chevy, so Im a very happy customer. Nick was wonderful through the whole process ,very easy to deal with."

MC Customs

1971 Chevelle

" A lot of people have gone above and beyond, done things that wasn't even a part of the deal to improve my buying experience..they had the right car and it was done how I wanted "

MC Customs

LJ Torana

" I've dealt with these and after coming to understand their passion for these cars and the their expertse, I had no problem handing over my LJ Torana for some custom tank work and steering and brake works. Recommendations all round "

MC Customs
Craig M

Weekday Visit

" Come in the other day for a look around the customer service was the best i have ever seen"

Nick S